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05/09/2014 Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Chatsworth, California

We like to welcome our new affiliate and long time friend Kevin "Conan" Bankens

at BANKENS COMBAT JIU-JITSU in Sante Fe New Mexico.








05/03/2014 Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Chatsworth, California

Congratulations to:


Paul Johnson          

Grant Mills                

Mitch Milat                

Jesse Savage        

Johnny Halverson






12/16/2013 Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Chatsworth, California

After winning numerous black belt gi  and advanced no-gi competitions.  For nearly 20 years of training.  Congratulations to Benjamin Nathanson for his World Championships and finally receiving his highly anticipated and well deserved Black Belt.

Thanks to all of the AOBJJ family and friends for making this possible.



12/15/2013 NABJJF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Long Beach, California

Congratulations to The current World Champion Benjamin Nathanson for taking home two Gold Medals in the Super Heavyweight division in both Gi and No-Gi advanced competitions.

Congratulations to World Champion Mitch Milat for taking home a Silver and a Gold Medal.

Congratulations to Steve Needleman for taking home two silver medals.




For my mother Claire Katz Nathanson   March 25, 1920 - May 30, 2012

The little things are most worthwile...

A quite word.  A secret smile.

A cheerful laugh .  A helping hand...

A look that says ''I understand.''

A listening ear that's quick to share a mother's thought a mother's care.

Though sometimes they seem quite small...

These little things are remembered most of all.




Congratulations to all our five competitors at the NABJJF tournament today.

Gold-Benjamin Nathanson

Gold-Mitch Milat

Gold-Jorge Garcia

Silver- Oganes(John) Khatchikian

Bronze-Steve Needleman




I am very sad to inform you of the loss of my wife and the mother of our children Jared, Benjamin and Rebecca today .




Our heartiest congratulations to 7 year old Finn Greenberg for getting some mustard on his belt.  Under license of  Todd Nathanson Finn's black belt  father Geoff Greenberg did the honors of presenting his hard working son with his yellow belt. Congratulations Finn.




Congratulations to all members of our competition team.  :

Jorge Garcia- Gold

Steve Needleman-Silver

Ben Hu-Bronze




Congratulations to Raz Chan on scoring two golds at the U.S. Open.




Congratulations to:

Steve Needleman on receiving his blue belt.  Steve competes in almost every tournament he can find.  His progress has been steady and the joy he feels while learnining is rewarding to watch.  Now you can compete at an appropriate level for your skills.

Ansley Moffitt on receiving his blue belt.  Stong, smart and tough.  Ansley has a great mind for BJJ and with his pysical attributes he is becoming a phenominal competitor.  We all look forward to your continued progress and all the championships you will win.




Congratulations to:

Chris Banuelos for receiving his Blue belt.   His general  progress and very  fine guard have earned him his ranking.

Matt Smitfor receiving his blue belt.  A tough smart competitor whose stand-up and ground work have taken him to his new belt.

Tessa Banks for receiving her purple belt.  Tessa is a staple of our competition team.  She has won or placed in virtually every tournament she has entered.  Now that she can compete as a purple belt we look forward to her bringing home a whole new batch of medals.




More congratulations are in order.

Marvin Aquino has truely grown into a very fine purple belt.  Tough and smart and always fighting a very intelligent fight.  Marvin has become very physically fit since starting training four years ago.  Congrats on your recent marriage and belt promotion.  Keep up the progress.

Mynor Aguilar is a very calm puzzle solver.  Mynor can be as physically strong and aggressive as anyone but, he chooses to deconstruct his opponents game and beat them with intelligence.  Always ready to fight anyone and everyone that walks through the doors.  Very good work.




Congratulations to our newest purple belt.  Eric (T-Rex) Aboud has grown dramatically not only in his BJJ skills but personally as well.  Training twice a day when his busy work schedule allows he is becoming a true student of the art.  You have now forged yourself into a truly dangerous person with an understanding of how to control your aquired skills.




Congratulation to my friend Geoff Greenberg for receiving his long overdue promotion to Black Belt.  Geoff and I  have trained together for approximately 20 years.  In the last year his skill level has shot through the roof.  Truthfully if we were not friends Geoff would have received his belt quite some time ago.  I am pleased that Geoff has now taken his well deserved place among his peers.




Congratulations to Emily (Lightning) Heisler for not only a year of tournament victories but also being one of the hardest working, intelligent, and tough competitors we have in the academy.  Good luck at college this year blue belt





Congratulations to Prumell Salva for his hard earned and much deserved promotion to the rank of blue belt.  Prumell has proven himself to be a hard working and intelligent practitioner of BJJ.  His constant training and steady progress has elevated his game to this new level.  Keep up the good work Prumell we are all proud of you,




Our ver good friend and World Cup Champion  Rodrigo Ranieri De Faria visited the academy this past Wednesday 07/26/2011 and conducted a fantastic seminar for the students. We have missed training with him since his relocation to New York; but, congratulate him on his unbroken string of 1st place titles since his move.  Good to see our friends doing well.




Yes we will be open for training today at 11:00AM.  No class tonight.  Enjoy the fireworks.




Congratulations on being awarded his Blue belt  to my friend of over 20 years Mitch Milat.  Mitch is a fantastic Thai Boxer. Het has previously won the California State Thai Boxing Championship and many other numerous titles. He is a tough,scapy competitor that now trains in MMA and competes regularly in gi and no-gi tournaments .  Keep up the good work. We look forward to many BJJ championships in your future.




Congratulation to Kevin Waller for receiving his purple belt! A few words regarding your accomplishment: The Purple Belt is your reward. It is easy to see your next belt as the ultimate goal. A Blue Belt is a lot like being a White Belt; they are both different points on the same learning spectrum. The purple belt is a bit different. A Blue Belt represents you have a good grounding in the art, however This new achievement means that you have a good understanding of what BJJ is and how to do it. It shows that you've arrived in the Jiu-Jitsu world. It is the first marker on a much longer journey, one you should be proud of and celebrate, but just a marker none-the-less. Congratulations Kevin. Wear it proudly.




New Blue Belts Awarded!

Congratulations to Jessie Savage, John Khatchikian, and George Zamora  for receiving their blue belts this past February of 2011! The 3 of you were all well deserving of these tokens of accomplishment. Your hard work and perseverance, study habits, and execution of learned material has brought you to the next level in you art. Congratulations to the lot of you and here’s to your future training! Great job champs!




What holiday schedule.  We will be open regular hours on Xmas Eve, Xmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.

Happy Holidays



2 New Blue Belts Awarded

Congratulations to Harold “Rivera” Shores and Chris Berumen for receiving their blue belts together on the 13th of this month! After countless competitions, training, and studying these two belts were well deserved for these competitors and students. Congratulations to the both of you and here’s to your future training! Great job champs!




-Here we grow again.

After our recent expansion and doubleing of our mat space in March of this year we have now added an additional 15 more new mats to the" Academy".

Thank you to all our growing BJJ family friends, and supporters.

-Todd & Ben Nathanson



New brown belt awarded 9/13/10.

After years of training and winning a world championship Gabriel De Brito was awarded his well deserved and hard won brown belt.  Not only does Gabriel train and compete with great success he has recently accepted his first position teaching BJJ.

We would also like to congratulate Gabriel and Bruna on their recent marriage.  Not only do we see Gabriel on the training hard but many nights we see Bruna on the side lines supporting her new husbands training regime.

Again, congratulations on all of these wonderful milestones and all the ones to come.




Congratulations to Ben Hu, our newest blue belt! Ben has been training and competing consistently for the past year and has now out officially outgrown his white belt. Ben is one of our most consistent and enthusiastic students to date. He raises the team’s moral in even the worst adverse situations and has the ability to pass the guard the way you might imagine a rhino with genius level jiu-jitsu might! Congratulations Panda! You’re promotion was well deserved!




Congratulations to Raz Chan who received his purple belt on 8/26/2010 after a tremendous display of stone cut skill at the Las Vegas Open taking 1st place! Raz has been training a number of years and continuous to show his hard work and determination by visiting the Academy several times a year even though he is a local to Vancouver Canada. Congratulations Raz and keep up the good work! You’re training is improving in ways that only some can wish for.




Purple Belt Promotion 8/12/2010

Congratulations to our office manager, Benjamin Nathanson, for receiving his purple belt on 8/12/2010! Ben has been training 13 years starting from the age of 8 years old to current. Over the past 3 years Ben has made tremendous strides to improve his over all Jiu-Jitsu game and concepts as well as his competitive performance and training. Welcome to the world of the Purple Belt Benjamin! Congrats!

-Academy Staff and Students

-Todd and Jared Nathanson



Congratulations to Horacio Acevedo for receiving his purple belt on 7/27/10! Horacio started training in 2001 and has well passed earned his new rank. As a super heavy weight competitor he has conquered one of the most challenging obstacles that a larger stronger competitor off times can come up against. Horacio has learned to move with intention and commitment to his opposition regardless of his opponent’s size and strength, no longer battling to become the stronger more physically dominant player. Congratulations Horacio. This belt was not only deserved but long overdue. You have been a purple belt for a good while now!




Congratulations to Matty Henriquez who was promoted June 7th 2010 to rank of blue belt. Matty recently competed in the World Championships in the adult bracket (ages 18-29) and took 3rd place in his weight division. This is an astounding accomplishment as Matty is 16 years old currently and was able to battle his way through the bracket with intellect and endurance that his opponents were unable to compensate for. Congrats Matty and great work. Time to see what your blue belt can do!




Masters Hall of Fame Awards June 19th, 2010

Two students this year from our Academy were prestigiously inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame for their outstanding achievements.  Not only is this a great achievement for themselves but this is quite an accomplishment to have 2 students from the same school reach their goals in the same year!  Congratulations to Tessa Banks who earned the Female Competitor of the Year Award and Jared Nathanson who won the Male Competitor of the Year Award!

What is the Masters Hall of Fame Awards?

The Masters Hall of Fame is a 503c nonprofit organization established to benefit the martial arts. The Masters works to enhance Excellence in the Martial Arts by promoting martial arts events to the Martial Arts Community, as well as developing Leadership within the Martial Arts community.

The Masters Hall of Fame recognizes, develops, enhances and improves Martial Arts Leaders and Businesses by Developing and Recognizing Excellence in Martial Arts Communities.

Masters Hall of Fame was founded in 1999 and is recognized as one of the premier Martial Arts events on the West Coast. In 2006, under the new leadership of Daniel Hect, the Masters Hall of Fame expanded the focus and operations to include the recognition of exceptional Martial Arts Leaders and Legends through Induction into the Masters Hall of Fame.

The Masters Hall of Fame Ambassadors nominate Martial Arts Leaders for Induction to the Masters Hall of Fame. Inductees are a cross section of the Martial Arts community from Police and Military Leaders, to Martial Arts Legends



Hi everyone.  Here in my news section you will be able to find information on students (such as promotions and performance) and the academy (upcoming seminars and a collection of other in-house events and updates).   As the head professor at the Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I will be posting on a semi-regular basis any changes to our class curriculum and expansions or additions to our gym and our affiliated gyms.  Let’s start you out with a little news so that you can see what we have been up to!

First off, we have completely rebuilt our website to become the most current and cutting edge web experience that any martial arts school has to offer. We are continuing to improve and add pertinent items so you as a student and user of our site will have as enjoyable and informative experience as you or I could hope for.

We strive every day to improve our students, champions, coaches and facilities. We are fully evolving on a regular basis.  We have just expanded and remodeled our gym with all new mats and equipment. A luxury shower has been added and a new pro shop has just found a home in our gym as well.

Most importantly, congratulations to Isidro Montes who received his blue belt on Wednesday 7/14/10.  Isidro has been a regular competitor and has made vast improvements and strides in his training making him one of our strongest white belt competitors. Congratulations Isidro and keep working hard to make your improvements!

Also, if you wish to contact me regarding any questions about our facility or our training style and courses please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. My email can be found in the contact portion of our web browser, or you may contact me at our facility directly if you wish at (818) 341-5000.

-Todd Nathanson

- Purple belt 04/12/2014

- Purple belt 05/03/2014

- Purple belt 05/03/2014

- Brown belt 05/03/2014

- Brown belt 05/03/2014

06/21/2014  Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Chatsworth, Californi


Congratulations to,


Derek Seldeen - Gold medal at the NABJJF International Tournament Super Heavyweight Gi

Steve Needleman- Silver and Bronze medals at the NABJJF International Tournament Gi and No-Gi



Derek Seldeen - Gold medal in the Gi

Steve Needleman - Silver medal and Bronze medals in Gi and No-Gi

07/07/2014  Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Chatsworth, California

Congratulations to Teenage green belt World Champion Tristan Smith on his sixteenth birthday and entering the adult world of Jiu-Jitsu as a blue belt.

Congratulation to World Teenage Champion Tristan Smith on his 16th birthday and advancing into the adult division as a Blue belt.



Congratulations to Derek Seldeen for earning his well deserved brown belt after many years of dedicated study.

Congratulation to Derek Seldeen for his many years of dedicated training and earning his very well deserved brown belt.